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Organization Details

The Fundación SODIS for Latin America is a private, independent, non-profit organization that promotes solutions for improving access to safe water, sanitation, hygiene, school gardens with irrigation system, to improve the health of families in rural and periurban areas focusing in gender equality. The Fundación works in cooperation with public, private and development sectors. 

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Impact Story

We are working in the poorest area in Bolivia. People in the north of Potosi live with less than 1 USD per day. They totally lake of basic needs. Our Foundation helps us having a better live through harvesting water for consumption and hygiene, building eco-toilet. With the help Engineers without border form Germany, we build biomass hoven (reducing the consumption of wood, and CO2). We also build school gardens with irrigation system so children have a decent meal.

All the work we do is always thinking to empower the population. We work also closely with the authorities to strengthen them to improve the way to help their people.