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Skill Factory Africa

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Skill Factory Africa is an EdTech committed to Revolutionizing skills development in Sub-Saharan Africa By providing a platform to young Africans to develop the right skills and knowledge through education technology while remaining competitive globally amidst growing technological change. We are Championing a new model to address the skills-gap problem.


By creating and delivering enriched digital learning content tailor-made to improve the general standard of living and professional relevance of the average African youth, SFA is enhancing accessibility and affordability of skills for personal, community and professional development.Skill Factory Africa is not only one of the first to build a completely digital virtual learning environment in Africa with a subscription based model and app for community learning, we also have the most affordable plans to get anyone started aside our free programs.

Impact Story

I come from Lagos, Nigeria where we have over 12 million out of school children, Almost 16 million young Africans, around 13.4% of the total labour force of 15-24 year olds, are facing unemployment(according to Ibrahim Forum Report),  poor welfare system, domestic violence cases in high numbers, a situation which, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the society from which I come. I recognized early in life that these situations were unnatural.

Today, according to the United Nations, youths account for 20% of Africa’s total population, If one includes all people aged below 35, this number increases to a staggering three quarters of Africa's population and despite the many policies and programmes, youth unemployment remains a major problem to the development process of the African economy.

Skills acquisition is the key in the fight for the elimination of hunger and poverty, reduction or elimination of joblessness in the society and reduction of crime through effective engagement of youths. There are obvious shortage to these training opportunities and this is why the Skill Factory Africa stepped in. 

Skill Factory Africa is facilitating technology enablement in education and grew by 150% in its pilot year. We have partnered with several organizations like Total Nigeria, JCI Nigeria, Chaka NG, Print Doctor Africa etc. We have empowered over 10,000 African youths via out Bootcamps, webinars and our tech system. We attribute this growth to our commitment to our mission. At Skill Factory Africa, our focus is tripartite. In line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to eradicating poverty (SDG1) by equipping African youths with relevant twenty-first-century skills through quality education (SDG4). We are confident that engineering this change will instigate decent work and economic growth (SDG8) in Africa and we are committed to bringing this to reality via our signature training, well-qualified partnerships and organized market force.