Based in Indonesia

Makarios Kreasindo

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

We are manufacturing handmade fashion accessories products for wholesale and retail market in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Our vision is to become “A fashion business that make people’s life better”. Our mission is “Empowering women through fashion business”. Our Values are:

  • Service is the core of our business
  • Good quality products is a must
  • Fair price for our stakeholders
  • Innovation is the key to sustainability
  • Women empowering

Support Needs

We’re looking for:

Brand StrategyBusiness StrategyInternational BusinessMarketingStrategic Marketing

Impact Story

Currently our core team consist of all women, they are housewives and girls who cannot continue their study. We give them opportunity to help their family economy. Lufi, one of the housewife who has been in the team for 9 years, her son now can have good education, healthy family, and even planning to buy her own house. Siti, another housewife, she can pay for her daughter university tuition. Alja, now she join night classes to earn her university degree. This is the reason we started this business, to make other people's life better.

We are also have a project with trowulan, Mojokerto women, they are young housewives who life in very limited economy condition, but cannot help the family income because they have to stay at home to take care their children. There is not much opportunity in that area for women to be able to work from home for extra income. We came to give them training to make fashion accessories, so one day they can start their own business or they can produce fashion accessories for us.