Based in Uganda

Beroya Gospel fellowship

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Beroya Gospel fellowship is an incorporated company and registered with ministry of internal affairs as a local faith based organization. It is our prayers to be adopted by international incorporation body /ministry that has Godly will of mentor-ship and capacity building of the poor people /ministers to serve God worldwide as we invest together as business partners.
Beroya vision is to see a better society, with spiritual, social morals, skills and ability to provide ourselves with basic needs of life through joint cooperation and unity.
Beroya have a mission of promoting spiritual and social economic development with aim of improving the standard of living

Support Needs

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Impact Story

Through the following program:
(i) Evangelism (we have established 24 local churches  and put up structural centers for worship and moral value learning)
(ii) Education (Establishing 2 primary and 1 secondary  school  as we do invest in building  school structures for the children and youth to access better education as a way of promoting  future leaders of the society to be)
(iii) Health/medical ( Establishing primary health program  that can led to private other than cure , however we do wish to have well established clinics and health centers in local communities )
(iv) Relief and able children ,widows and elderly members  that need help in order to survive for the day . we have programs of empowering  children to go to school  and helping the widows have means of living as we can as well establish Agriculture Technical aid to the needy. ( we do have many numbers of orphans who are vulnerable and set up business opportunities that are income generating to support them.