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Ami Nagle and Associates, Economic Opportunity Funders

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Ami Nagle and Associates Consulting, Inc oversees the funder networks Economic Opportunity Funders. Established in 1992, Economic Opportunity Funders, is a network of national, regional and local level funders working to advance economic equity and opportunity in the United States. We believe in building an economy that works for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration status, education, income, religion, gender identity, disability or age. We support a strong public sector and policies that create a healthy, fair and just economy where opportunity and prosperity are broadly shared.  EOF focuses its work in three key and intersecting areas: poverty and opportunity, protecting and supporting workers, and tax and budget policies. We provide a platform for funders to share information, exchange ideas and best practices, and collaborate around identified areas of interest.

Impact Story

What We Do

  • Convene: EOF brings funders together through in-person meetings and webinars to deepen their understanding of the cross cutting issues of poverty and economic opportunity, support for low-wage workers, and adequate public resources.
  • Connect: EOF staff make connections among funders pursuing similar objectives or working in similar regions through outreach and mapping efforts.
  • Catalyze: EOF supports the coordination and alignment of investments through funder networks and pooled funds.
  • Collaborate: EOF regularly partners with other funder affinity groups on programming to highlight the intersectionality of our work, improve our reach, impact, and effectiveness, and to reduce duplication of efforts.

EOF members invest hundreds of millions of dollars to help improve the lives of low-wage workers and their communities.  Collectively, EOF has launched several national initiatives and operates a pooled fund with a $2 million annual giving budget.