Based in Uganda

UNLEASHED (Potentials in Motion)

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Uganda hosts more than 1 million refugees today and the number is still increasing. In 2020, it has been declared that every refugee will be in title to get 19,000Ugx (5.9$) per month to sustain their food ratio. It is clear that we are in a time where refugees must take the responsibility to take charge of themselves.

Unleashed empowers and educates youth in the Nakivale refugee settlement in potentials discovery. leadership, skills development, and social entrepreneurship to enable them to create opportunities for themselves and for their communities.

We help scholars ideate after ideas are modeled then incubated to become social enterprises. Enterprises that develop are able to access our acceleration for professional capacity building, funding, and linkages opportunities.

Unleashed uses entrepreneurship to transform the lives of refugees and transform them into an opportunity rather than the way the are perceived as a burden.

Impact Story

Unleashed has been able to train 125 youth through a scholarship for social entrepreneurship and there more 320 have participated in business and other different training. Other more 2000+ has been accessed indirectly through different events and programs.

15 social businesses have been created and other 6 businesses and together creating 35 jobs including empowered scholars who could not create own businesses but have been hired by other organization.

Unleashed has a great success in developing a positive mindset for the young refugees and 100% of the scholars say they are a better version of themselves, they are more confident and are able to face life and many have created values for their communities.