Based in Colombia


A For-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

ILUMINANDO began on 2015 as part of Social Enterprise Brand Solutions (, and on 2017 it turned into a spin-off founding a totally independent social enterprise to have a specific focus on our mission: Contribute to energy access problem by  empowering base of the pyramid population with reliable and economical solar energy solutions that have innovative schemes that contribute to long-term performance creating socio environmental benefits that catalyze sustainable  development.  It was co-founded by Brand Solutions Ltd and by Santiago Aparicio, who have high experience on social innovation and sustainability.



Impact Story

Proyecto Iluminando has been creating socio-environmental impact and we need to begin scaling to amplify these to more areas.  

So far we have reached this impact:

-Number of People empowered: 20.000

-Microentrepreneurs: 6 *

*We have empower 6 microentrepreneurs that live in poverty conditions  that are educating  and distributing the solar lamps having an extra income.  

- School aged kid reached with solar lighting: 2500

- Saved in energy related expenses: $630.000.000

- Productive hours created for working & studying: 5.400.000