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African Alliance for Community Resilience

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Organization Details

African Alliance for Community Resilience (referred to as AACR in this proposal). In AACR, we are tackling human trafficking as a predicament that falls at the convergence of conflict, violation of human rights, and lack of bottom-up community-based programs. This is an organization that seeks a holistic understanding of existing conflicts (recurrent, protracted, or latent) through the lens of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, to be able to provide tangible community-based solutions.

Our vision is to be part of African communities aspiring to resilience and peace through using local resource mobilization, accumulated local knowledge, and community-generated approaches by strengthening the capacity of local networks in the most neglected communities.

Even though our main office is in Nairobi, Kenya, our projects’ team is located depending on project.

Impact Story

Wajir, Kenya, was a highly insecure and ungoverned region due to violence from the Somali civil war and Al Shabab. The recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is predicted to increase violence in the region, leading to human rights violations. With the assistance of local NGO Worthy Vision and paralegals, AACR plans to create a rescue hub for young trafficking and sexual exploitation victims. The hub will provide trauma-informed care and other community-based interventions to address the root causes of trafficking. AACR aims to centralize victims' needs and rights while partnering with organizations to prevent impunity for traffickers and provide justice for victims.

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