Earlybird Foundation

A Non-profit

Organization Details

EarlyBird Foundation is a non-profit making organization which believes a growing child has fortunes to offer the world at large that none must be neglected. We aim to raise a new generation of thinkers and problem solvers by grooming the students to be able to create wealth for themselves and also affect the lives of others in the communities they may find themselves.
Our organization thus seeks to support the less privileged in their education and promote entrepreneurship in high schools and tertiary institutions through trainings and offering the necessary assistance possible to facilitate our vision of helping the youth successfully start up young. Our focus extends to health where we embark on health health screenings and also public health education.

Impact Story

Our organization has successfully held educational seminars for high school students and a counselling session for them. Not only that but also we engaged our student volunteers in giving back to their community where they had a charity project to embark on.  They were to identify a problem in their communities and tackle it.  We are grooming youngsters to not only promote entrepreneurship but also inculcating the virtue of social responsibility.

In the area of health we've embarked on SAVE AN EYE, SECURE A FUTURE PROJECT to screen the eyes of students in both public and private schools. Because parents may not be aware of reduced visual functioning, we saw vision screening is vitally important to detect problems before the child’s development is compromised. Students from kindergarten to Junior High level, totalling 157and 9 teachers were screened on that day and conditions revealed included; Refractive Errors, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Macular Oedema and Suspected Glaucoma, out of which several referrals were made.