Based in Australia

Tuk Tuk for Children

A Non-profit

Organization Details

We are a Cambodian based, small charity that works in early childhood education. We are focused on supporting state-run kindergartens, working directly with the department of education. Specifically we;

  • Run a mobile book and toy library, ensuring 650 kids and teachers have access to age-appropriate books and toys. 
  • Provide teacher workshops on how to use the supplied books and toys etc.
  • Provide activities for the teachers to use aligned with the government curriculum.
  • Write and illustrate children’s books using a local Cambodian illustrator. 
  • Creating a new digital library that contains all of the resources that we have created. 

We also run a separate village program, bringing informal education to villages. We currently have 6 paid staff and rely on volunteers for technical skills. We are located in a small town in Cambodia, away from city life and the traps of tourism. We work in our own community and have become a part of that community as a result.

Impact Story

50% of the population in Cambodia is under the age of 21. If you couple this with the fact that 80% of teachers were killed by the end of 1979 we have a large, young population looking for education to lift themselves out of poverty. Unfortunately, there is far too few teachers and schools available, particularly in rural areas. The Government has opened over 1000 schools in 10 years and is continually investing more into education but there is still so much more we can do to help them.

We work directly with the Department of Education giving kindergarten teachers the resources that they need to teach the curriculum. We support the teachers with workshops so that they can effectively use the resources we supply and help them with activities that they can use to create their lesson plans. We are not here to teach the kids and we do not tell the teachers what they should be doing. We just offer the extra support that they need to be the best they can and give the next generation the head start they need.