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How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience with organizations like this one.

Organization Details

give & grow is an online course platform, where experienced travellers and experts share their knowledge around sustainable travel, responsible volunteering and intercultural communication.

We strive to reshape the industry of travel, tourism and volunteering to a responsible system. We achieve this by advocacy work, awareness campaigns, workshops and our online learning platform.

Travelers can learn how to travel more responsibly and have an immersive cultural experience. On the other hand we help travel organizations or educational institutions to shape sustainable tourism.

Impact Story

Travel education is broken. While there exists a lot of information on sustainable travel out there, it either talks about quick fixes or only about the ecological impact. People are encouraged to travel and live their dream or shamed for taking a plane. We want to harness the potential of intercultural encounters. Ecotourism and honest encounters on eye level can reshape the way we travel and work together internationally. This is why we help travelers and the industry to have a positive impact and use their learning experiences while traveling for the better.

The contact theory by Allport suggests that contact between different groups of people diminishes intergroup prejudice and supports peace. We believe that travel is one of the opportunities to harness human connection across cultures once we educate ourselves on how to use it effectively and therefore have an immersive travel experience.

Diverse Social Enterprise

The TRANSFORM Support Hub is committed to accelerating diverse owned and led enterprises to build more equitable and resilient supply chains.

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