Based in Zambia

Tikondane Community Centre (Tiko)

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Tikondane is a vibrant grassroots community centre run for and by the people of Katete. Tiko has 85 local crew members and 53 villages and compounds in its catchment area of 16,000 people. Our mission is to fight poverty in Katete through better education, health and entrepreneurship; helping people to help themselves while maintaining their traditional values. We provide primary education, HIV/AIDS counseling, sustainable farming lessons, training on income generating activities, and so much more. Our most popular training is the '19 Steps Out of Poverty for the Subsistence Farmer' programme. More than half of our crew members and many locals are working their way out of poverty using this system! 

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Impact Story

Over the years Tiko developed two curricula, one for basic health and one for '19 steps out of poverty for the subsistence farmer'. Tiko helps poor people of Katete not only to be subsistent, but also to make a bit of money.