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Moyee Coffee Roasting PLC

A For-profit with social mission

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For decades the world has enjoyed the finest of Ethiopia’s coffee, while the majority of the profit has failed to reach it's origin, Ethiopia. Moyee Coffee has established the world’s first Fair Chain coffee company, that roasts coffee in the country of origin and after exporting it around the world. By roasting at origin, the Fair Chain principle creates employment, investment and triples coffee incomes for Ethiopia.

Moyee Coffee is quickly becoming the first multi-national coffee company based out of Ethiopia. In addition to utilising the best roasting machinery in the industry, and award-winning staff, we are also developing an organic farm of the highest caliber, all to insure that our supply of supreme quality coffee never wavers.


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Impact Story

Within the Fair Chain principle it is our goal to create a positive impact everywhere in the coffee chain. Firstly we keep more of the value of coffee in Ethiopia by roasting and packing it locally, which triples the values of exports. The roasting company also creates job opportunities in the industrial sector. Moyee Coffee started in Ethiopia in 2014 and has since then created 30 jobs. Moyee Coffee procures it's green beans from 100 smallholder farmers with a 20% quality premium. We support them as well with technical assistance, supply of inputs and tools. At the agricultural level we also care a lot about environmental impact. We promote that farmers use organic practices, protect the forest and enhance biodiversity, while at the same time increasing their own yield and quality.