Based in Colombia

La Juanita Finca Verde

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

A rural transformation platform situated in the central mountains of Colombia. Through various projects we generate change and wellbeing at different rural populations. Through a small eco hotel which offers experiences of balance with the cultural and natural environment, we fund the different social and cultural projects we promote. TEDx events at rural locations, Cinetico an itinerary rural cinema, and ConectArte which provides different education dynamics are among our projects.

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Impact Story

e work towards establishing a vibrant rural new order. In a genration we won´t have young farmers if things go as they are now. We experiment in different ways to build thriving and balanced forms of life in the countryside, connecting with the city on not extractive, but symbiotic relationships. We believe that we all need to build a countryside where people have access to education, wellbeing, spirituality, economies of abundance and entertainment, all of this understanding and cultivating the experience of oneness with all life. 

This is what we do at La Juanita Finca Verde, living connected, finding new ways to regenerate and build this new rural order, and sharing what we do so the seeds of change are planted in many places.