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Our mission is "to facilitate radical change in the Ugandan health and education systems." We work in the central region of Uganda, building strong health systems and changing the unequal power dynamics in Ugandan schools.

Impact Story

The issues we seek to address are the lack of adequate health services and schools in which rote learning and corporal punishment is the norm.

On the health side, we run the Nama Community Health Action Program (NCHAP), the focus of which is to strengthen the health system in Nama Sub-County ( population of 108,536), with a specific focus on serving women and children. In response to the healthcare challenges in our area, we developed the Nama Community Health Action Program (NCHAP), the backbone of which is community health workers (CHWs). NCHAP has four pillars: 1) CHWs, 2) support of government health centres, 3) clinical outreaches, and 4) the NAWEC Health Centre III.

On the education side, we run the Do It Yourself (DIY) Clubs initiative, which is focused on shifting power dynamics and improving learning outcomes in Ugandan secondary schools. DIY is rooted in a Positive Youth Development approach, specifically the framework created by the USAID Youth Power Learning Project in 2016. The crux of DIY is providing opportunities for young people to meaningfully contribute to solving the most pressing challenges in their schools and communities through designing and implementing innovative student-led service projects. By helping young people develop their life skills and agency, and facilitating shifts in entrenched power dyna

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