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A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Toyi is a social enterprise that designs and produces eco-friendly and open-ended play experiences for all children to make children’s daily lives more playful, founded by Elif Atmaca and Ögeday Uçurum in 2018.

TOYI began as co-founder Elif Atmaca’s college project to show how toys could be used to encourage upcycling and facilitate creative play for children. A successful Kickstarter campaign proved consumers get the concept and buy into it. Following that investment funds were raised, and the global expansion began, with distribution into 13 countries around the world already.

Impact Story

Elif Atmaca, the designer of Toyi, aims to trigger children’s imaginative powers and states this necessity as follows: “Especially in regions with many disadvantaged children, it is hard to send them the desired toys; so we thought we should make something that allows these children to transform the materials around them into toys.” Toyi, which has come to life following this idea, has been developed by realizing that all children who can’t use their creativity in full due to urban lifestyle, pressure for academic success, parental instructions, and restrictions of the toy industry, can benefit from this approach and product. Toyi aims to be the toy of every kid, regardless of their sex, language, geographical location, and socioeconomic status.

For a sustainable and playful future, we want to have a positive impact on the planet through play. Therefore we use sustainable materials in our products and packaging and we support upcycling through play. That's why we manufacture our play kit using recycled plastic. We want to share the responsible consumption and upcycling mindset with children at an early age.