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Experience Liberia

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Organization Details

EXPERIENCE LIBERIA (EL) is a program of Youth Crime Watch of Liberia and run by a dedicated group of volunteer staff based around the world. We facilitate placement of international volunteers and interns dedicated to promoting social justice and sensitization about sustainable development of local communities with organizations who share these goals and seek additional support. Our volunteers and interns are people who seek to learn and contribute by working as part of a community, implementing projects and sharing their experience. We are organized to facilitate and place volunteers/interns in all sectors of the country. Working with us is an opportunity to contribute to peacebuilding and development in Liberia, volunteering in communities and sharing views on a person-to-person level. We place volunteers/interns in a number of organizations including: government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), media and journalism, sports, community and youth development and etc

Impact Story

As an organization in youth and community development, we act to put young people and children at the forefront of development through community, economic, political, educational and social engagement. ELiberia and all of our community work puts youth in the position to lead and implement change.  

 Since the onset of organization, we have training over 3800 young women business entrepreneurships skills, trained over 875 students in crime reporting and prevention, and our open space street library gives hope and excitement to hundreds of children n promoting the culture of reading through our daily 3 sessions  catering to 25-30 children per session that allows us reach about 100 disadvantaged children daily.All our activities and programs are engaging the community through development actions like road repair, community clean ups, drug and violence reduction campaigns, and training support for youth-led community development actions. Through Business training, small business loans, ICT training and promotion of entrepreneurship we help our community members to enter the job market and create jobs for themselves and others. We are directly concerned with community leadership in development, politics, media and communication, education and all other facets. We work to make sure our communities are well informed through our multiple awareness campaigns and  the means necessary to participate in leadership and the decision making process from the local level to a national scale.Our efforts began with violence and rape prevention and has expanded women’s computer classes, business training, micro lending, and mentorship.  We seek to ensure women are heard through journalism, webcasting, video and film making in our Youth Media project . We serve as a platform for youth by providing leadership, mediation, positive risk-taking, community engagement, and political involvement training and pathways for youth to take action as agents of change and as leaders in Liberia.