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We’ve developed a new proprietary process that differs from the traditional recycling systems by being low-cost and capable of recycling all kind of plastics, even the considered as non-recyclable, which represent 70% of all the stream. The output is a new kind of artificial stone for massive use in the construction industry that can replace quarry rock as a coarse aggregate within the concrete mix and as base and sub-base for road paving. Arqlite has the potential of diverting thousands of tons of plastics from the environment, reducing CO2 due to less need for transportation from quarries and minimizing the need for rock mining. This stone is 10 times better insulator and half the weight of mineral stones at competitive price.



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Arqlite diverts thousand of tons of plastics from landfills and reduces carbon footprint as it’s designed to work locally (reduction in transport). In Buenos Aires, Argentina, 440,000 tons of plastic waste are landfilled every year and 633,340 tons of quarry rock are required only for non-structural concrete per year. Another example would be Los Angeles, California, with 5.8 million tons of plastics landfilled every year, with a need for 153 million tons of coarse aggregates. Plastic waste is a worldwide problem and construction is an increasing industry around the world. Therefore, Arqlite solves a problem that affects every city of the planet.