Based in Togo

The Youth Centre for Development and Peace

A Non-profit

Organization Details

We promote sustainable development practices and foster people to become positive changemakers.

We are working to overcome the obstacles on the way towards sustainable development and create a resources center to support local young people and local marginalized development agents. The resources center should allow the community to create, find and put resources and opportunities at hand in order for its members to build their capacity to transform their own life and transform their projects ideas into practical actions and achievement.

We cannot do it alone, it is why we promote international volunteering towards our country.

The YCDP has defined 7 main areas we focus on : (1) Environment protection and peace building, (2) Quality of Education and Women empowerment, (3) Languages learning, (4) Fighting unemployment, (5) Information and Communication Technologies accessibility and knowledge, (6) Support to religious and spiritual communities and (7) Support to Arts,Cultures and Sports.

Support Needs

We’re looking to improve our impact measurement with:

Data AnalysisDatabase ManagementMonitoring & EvaluationProgram Management andSoftware Development

We’re looking to improve our fundraising strategy with:

CopywritingCrowdfundingFundraisingImpact Investing andNonprofit Operations

Impact Story

Though the lack of skills and financial resources is a big obstacle to our work here on the ground, The YCDP is providing access to leadership and international volunteers skills. We are making it possible for marginalized changemakers and communities to launch their social projects by receiving the support of international volunteers and professionals.

We have worked here in my country on a dozen of international initiatives as well as local ones such as TWAM Togo, PU training, ECHOS (Enhance the Change Of Sustainability), Hello Voluntary World, Tove water-well and children primary education support, EPPH sustainable development awareness program, empowerment of DAV Togo, Empowerment of SPAGA, LLC and AADG among other efforts.

Currently, The YCDP is developing a new international volunteering partnership with a start-up based in Canada. Our discussions started in 2018 have allowed an exploring mission to arrive in Togo from 12 to 17 May 2019.

We are not really satisfied with the results obtained from those initiatives and projects and we need to improve our sustainable development solution.