Based in Togo

The Youth Centre for Development and Peace (THE YCDP)

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

THE YCDP vision is to eradicate poverty and inequality and create well-being for all in our cmmunities. We are working to overcome the obstacles on the way towards sustainable development and create a resources center to support local young people and local marginalized development agents. The resources center should allow people to build their capacity to transform their own life and transform their projects ideas into practical actions and achievement.

THE YCDP has defined 7 main areas we focus on : (1) Environment protection and peace building, (2) Quality of Education and Women empowerment, (3) Languages learning, (4) Fighting unemployment, (5) Information and Communication Technologies accessibility and knowledge, (6) Health and (7) Support to Arts,Cultures and Sports.

Support Needs

We’re looking to improve our impact measurement with:

Data AnalysisDatabase ManagementMonitoring & EvaluationProgram Management andSoftware Development

We’re looking to improve our fundraising strategy with:

CopywritingCrowdfundingFundraisingImpact Investing andNonprofit Operations

Impact Story

Since its creation in Africa in 2007, THE YCDP has been learning through a long research and inspiration phase by living in the context of poverty, working with several stakeholders in the development and sustainable development ecosystem.

From  2007 to 2015 and from 2015 until now, we have been capitalizing on the experiences, on the lessons learned and working to create a sustainable development solution.

For instance, from a digital technology perspective, THE YCDP embraced technology and change. Our current live website is the sixth version (for comparison, our first website never left the local computer and never went live). During the Covid-19 until now, THE YCDP has been able to continue its work and development thanks to a full remote work approach. This and other achievements were possible thanks to a step by step process and the result of a sustained work.

We worked with international initiatives as well as local ones such as TWAM Togo, PU, ECHOS (Enhance the Change Of Sustainability), Hello Voluntary World, Water Borehole drilling, Children primary education support, Sustainable development awareness program, empowerment and capacity building (SPAGA and AADG, etc.), Zorro Branding among others.

Since 2016 THE YCDP has been working with the US.

Thanks to our development strategy since 2019, THE YCDP was able to spread out to and set up in Canada and in the Republic of Ireland. We worked on several blueprints and are looking forwards to spreading out to and set up in the UK, France and US.

THE YCDP has been working also on a farming social enterprise project that aims to self-fund our nonprofit organization. We are still working on the farming social enterprise project.

The pace of our work can seem very low, we acknowledge this because of several obstacles on the way. It is the reason that brings us to seek the support of skilled volunteers. We hope that with a true commitment, together we can impact THE YCDP and its mission.