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Safe Hands for Girls

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Safe Hands for Girls was founded in 2013, with a mission to work on ending Female Genital Mutilation, provide support to women and girls who are survivors of the practice, and address its lifelong, harmful physical and psychological consequences. Our grassroots programs create greater awareness of FGM and other forms of violence against women, such as early marriage, through education, advocacy and youth-led campaigns. Over time our mission has evolved to address other forms of violence against women and abuses of women’s rights which deter many women from reaching their full human potential.

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Impact Story

The founder and CEO of Safe Hands for Girls, Jaha Dukureh, is a survivor of FGM and early marriage. Jaha started Safe Hands out of her living room after realizing that there were many girls and women like her in her community who would greatly benefit from a survivor-led movement to end FGM and early marriage. Her passion for this cause has lead to the birth of multiple Safe Hands for Girls programs globally.

In Atlanta, the Breaking Barriers program provides mentoring and support for immigrant and refugee girls from countries with high FGM rates that now live in the Clarkston community of metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, a major resettlement hub. In addition to educating the girls about FGM and its dangers, the program also touches on other aspects of reproductive and sexual health. The Breaking Barriers Program provides educational support and tutoring, and necessary life skills such as financial literacy in order to holistically improve the lives of girls and young women. The Breaking Barriers Program aims to give girls the knowledge and skills to make good decisions about their education, health, and futures. In The Gambia, Safe Hands for Girls runs multiple programs including the Student Outreach Program which consists of visiting schools across the country to educate people, both girls and boys, to understand the terrible consequences of FGM and prepare them to be Youth Leaders in the campaign to end FGM by 2030.