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Simusolar serves rural Tanzanians with productive tools and equipment financing payable in installments via mobile money.  Equipment includes both power generation and its applications: irrigation, small business, fishing tools, and more.  Co-Founder and CEO Marianne Walpert has over 10 years experience serving off-grid Tanzanians and the team has over 70 years combined experience in solar.   With early support from the DOEN Foundation and Unreasonable Institute, Simusolar is an early growth stage innovator with a mission to improve Sub-Saharan Africans rural livelihoods. 

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In the US, solar systems have saved money for consumers and businesses, a welcome addition to their household finances.  In East Africa, systems 1/100 the size of the average US household are making an even bigger mark on savings and income, transforming the lives of communities without power. Our clients, who earn $2-5/day, are farmers, fishers, teachers, drivers, barbers, mechanics, tailors, guards, and more, often at the same time.  They are multi-skilled but cannot grow any single business because they lack access to energy, machines, and the financing to grow.  With our equipment and financing plan, the average customer doubles their income in a year.  Moreover, they are in a position to provide value-add services that transform the local economy, reducing migratory pressure and increasing local opportunity.  And they do so while greening the earth.  That's the vision we're realizing.