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VediKh Care

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

We want to bring healthcare equality by improving health literacy in low-income families. Women with poor menstrual hygiene are dying; we provide them with knowledge and science behind menstruation and equip them with sufficient supplies to manage their menstruation with dignity. These changes are necessary to improve gender equality and promote healthy lifestyles in women and girls. 

Impact Story

We exist because women don't have the necessary things accessible to manage their menstruation, and health literacy is not available in a form where low-income or uneducated people can understand to make an informed decisions for them selves. We believe in equality and we have to work hard to make it the for next generation. We have so far educated 600 girls about menstrual management, we have also provided health consultations to 10 families to help them understand their medical conditions. The change or impact we want to see will take time. However, we have to begin somewhere. So here we are, trying our best to bring changes in people's lives to make tomorrow better. 

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