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Healthy Young Kenya

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Organization Details

Healthy Young is a youth-led youth-focused non-profit organization working towards prevention of lifestyle diseases among Kenyan youth. We provide practical health promotion information to empower young Kenyans take proper care of their physical healthcare for a longer and healthier future. Young people are affected by most risk factors that eventually contribute to development of non-communicable diseases (NCDs): hypertension, diabetes, gout, obesity, heart disease, etc. These risk factors include diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, and mental health. Healthy Young bridges this public health gap by ensuring young Kenyans have access to simple, relatable, and actionable information on how to maintain healthy lifestyles and avoid preventable diseases which affect not just health but also socioeconomic productivity. Healthy Young works online (social media, website) and offline (in-person health sensitization forums).

Impact Story

The team currently consists of young volunteers in medicine, nutrition, graphic design, and marketing. We convert complex medical recommendations for lifestyle and general health improvement into a simple, relatable, and actionable format, especially graphics for use on social media and the website. The organization is really a startup and we are in the initial phase of content development. However, in 2022 we ran a series of physical youth health forums in different parts of Kenya where we engaged young people on various aspects of health with a focus on lifestyle. Our plan is to inspire as many young Kenyans as possible to prioritize their healthcare and take action to avoid the risk of lifestyle disease later in life.

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