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A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Community Agro Service Ltd is an agricultural input and commodity trading company which has as goal to distribute agricultural inputs and services. She strives to do this in a commercially viable and at the same time inclusive manner for small holder farmers in Cameroon.

Our  key objectives is to:

• Develop and implement an innovative methodology to put research into use to improve the food security of small holder farmers and their communities.

• Establish, in cooperation with private sector companies a network of Farm Extension Agents to deliver on a sustainable basis, new fertilizer blends, crop variety and information on improved crop and livestock management practices to small holder farmers.


Support Needs

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Impact Story

The majority of people living in Cameroon are farmers. Agriculture accounts for about 75% of the labor force, and in rural areas 90% of people living on $2 a day work in agriculture. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these farms are not optimally productive. Yield per hectare for major crops like maize can be as much as 80 percent below their potential. They are faced with the following problems:

• Poor Farm and Crop Management

• Inadequate Product Marketing Platforms

• Limited Farming Technology and Financing

• Bad Product Distribution and Storage Facilities.

CAS is comprised of  enterprising smallholder farmer members in Cameroon. Members are committed to transforming their farm operation, regardless of size, into commercially viable enterprises.

By the concept of contract farming a partnership with small holder farmers is established through an agricultural contract being signed, under this contract we provide four key services required for smallholder farmer members to be successful.

1) Training and Development: Assured Capacity Building and Training for farmers.

2) Inputs: Holistic set  of inputs and services to improve their most important crops at highly competitive prices.

3) Financing & Technology:In an innovative approach CAS de-risk members of farmer groups by raising cost effective capital to finance them.

4) Crop Storage & Marketing:Members get access to CAS market services that assure good warehousing practices, access to good markets, guaranteeing revenue for farmers and assured loan recovery by CAS .

In the 2019-2020 planting season, we worked with 25 small holder farmers (15 internally displaced women and 10 internally displaced men), cultivating  sweet potato, maize and cassava and through our model our farming members increased their income by 6 folds, puting them at the same level with their peers in other sectors and uplifting their family out of poverty.

Our goal is to empower 100,000 Small holder farmers by 2030, doubling their yields and income.