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Organization Details

Loop is a global, digital platform initiated in 2020 by former British Red Cross Director Alex Ross. The platform enables affected communities to freely and anonymously share and receive feedback regarding the humanitarian and development services provided to them. It is a safe channel that is free to use and meets people where they are, in their own language, on their own time, and on a device that they already own or can easily access. Loop enables the affected communities to shape the type and quality of services that are funded and delivered to them while providing the funders and service delivery organisations direct, unencumbered feedback to improve their services and minimise wastage.

Impact Story

Loop uses technology under patent that integrates Interactive Voice, AI and human moderators to provide a safe, independent, inclusive and adaptive tool to increase accountability and transparency in the humanitarian space. It is a feedback collection and monitoring system encouraging and enabling greater engagement with citizens. As such, Aid organisations and service providers can use Loop to support their existing work of engaging with, empowering, and better understanding the needs and experiences of people at an individual level, at scale. 

To date, Loop has received more than 4000 feedback and 120 sensitive reports. Feedback primarily comes from women between the ages of 30 and 59 and on behalf of others. 24 referrals for assistance have been made, including referrals to safe shelter and psychosocial support for survivors of sexual abuse. 

Loop’s intervention has resulted in the breaking up of a trafficking ring; 10 ongoing investigations into sensitive reportings; fraud and beneficiary list manipulation being identified and addressed; child sexual exploitation being reported and addressed; and organisational bullying and pay issues being safely reported by staff while maintaining their anonymity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were also able to use Loop to request information and services. In some contexts, as in the case of Somalia and the Philippines, we have data showing the potential of Loop as an early warning and response tool across a slow onset crisis.

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