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Bahay Tuluyan Foundation Inc

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

We are a children’s rights organization that believes in the dignity of all children. We work to prevent and respond to abuse and violence against children and to ensure all children’s rights are fulfilled and protected. We work in dynamic collaboration with and empowerment of children, youth, families and the community.

Impact Story

Bahay Tuluyan was founded in 1987 and operates in Manila, Laguna and Quezon in the Philippines.  Bahay Tuluyan runs 10 different programs across the organization that provide a holistic, right-based and empowering approach to development for young people.    These ten programs are designed around our four focus areas of Resilient Children, Empowered Youth, Safe Families and Child Friendly Communities.  Through the implementation of these programs we aim to work towards our vision of a world where every child's rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. 

Bahay Tuluyan has founded and operates two social enterprises that provide hands-on vocational training for youth and generate funds to support the organization's operations.  Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe, established in 2011, is located in Malate, Manila and provides hospitality training to out of school/work youth.   Bahay Tuluyan Nature Farms, established in 2014, has four sites in Laguna, Batangas and Quezon and provides vocational training in organic agriculture to young people.  100% of profits from our social enterprises are reinvested in Bahay Tuluyan's programs. 

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