Agricultural and Farming Experteer

Support Economic Empowerment in Asembo, Kenya

Agriculture, Engineering, Nonprofit Operations, Training, Fundraising
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as soon as possible
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4 weeks to 12 months
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Accommodations, Learning Opportunity

We think this is a meaningful project for the young agricultural engineer to support economic empowerment in Kisumu, Kenya in exchange for free housing and meals.

Opportunity Details


Most of the people in the remote rural region of Western Kenya are subsistence farmers, that is, they grow the food they need for survival themselves. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has estimated that 50% of the region lives in poverty with 10% living with poor nutrition, near famine. Some key issues in agriculture are soil erosion, degradation and depletion, land fragmentation, a high labor to productivity ratio, a disproportionate reliance on labor from women, poor cooperation, lack of information on agricultural value chain and abuse by agricultural brokers and middlemen, and insufficient knowledge of plant disease control and sustainable agricultural practices. As there are few opportunities for other employment in the area, farmers also need opportunities to produce products that will put cash in hand.

The main goals of this program are to:

  • Develop and improve the capabilities of community farmers by the use of demonstration gardens
  • Educational seminars, and hands-on assistance with their own gardens.
  • Establish a commercial farming endeavor operated by our organization that financially supports the educational goals of the program
  • Provides employment to villagers
  • Raises funds to support other programs of our organization
  • Initiate the formation of a farm cooperative for the production and sale of Agricultural produce.

There's need to form team in Kenya and a team in the US comprised of experts in agriculture, horticulture and science, working together to advance the goals of the program.


The Experteer will be responsible for applying their knowledge of engineering technology to design agricultural structures, machinery, equipment, and processes.


  • Increase farm production through agricultural engineering methods.
  • Implement agricultural engineer programs to improvise quality standards in agricultural products.
  • Counsel and educate farmers and agriculturalists on latest farming issues and techniques. Plan, develop and initiate fertilization programs and harvesting cycles.
  • Develop and manage irrigation processes and issues.
  • Conduct research on latest trends in agricultural engineering and farming aspects.
  • Interact and coordinate with farming professionals, agronomists, agricultural technicians and farmers.
  • Interact with agricultural vendors, clients and government organizations.
  • Work with our farming groups to design structures, equipment, and processes.
  • Develop ways to conserve soil and water. Improve the processing and storage of agricultural products.
  • Estimate cost, reliability, and safety.
  • Design products to increase the production of farm products.
  • Design farmhouses, barns, and other shelters.
  • Advice on power machines used for tilling, fertilization, and harvesting.
  • Develop pesticide control products and machinery.
  • Develop ways to use power for curing and drying crops.
  • Design irrigation, drainage, and flood control systems.


  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Nonprofit Operations
  • Training
  • Fundraising


  • English


  • Swahili

We Provide These Local Benefits


We have huts which can accommodate up to 20 people, there is power, flowing water, beddings and clean sanitation.


We are a growing organization and works for the community development, promotion of better opportunities, improving standards of living and provides assistance to the social sector.

  • Volunteers will help the community to provide customized solutions keeping in view of the community needs and to develop mutually beneficial relationships to foster Education, Culture, Tourism and international exchange of ideas.
  • Volunteers will also gain experience in variety of fields including; social work, children and youth development, HIV/AIDS awareness and sports development
  • This will be an opportunity to have a taste of real Luo/African delicacies.
  • Staying within our community, will give volunteers an ample opportunity to learn and experience way of life and cultural practices.


  • Since our organization is just a few Kilometers away from FORMER USA President Barack Obama ancestral home, we will arrange for a free visit and have a walk in Obama's village.This would be a great opportunity of its kind.
  • We can offer local tourist guide and free leisure activities and traditional stories, cultures and entertainment.
  • Visit Museums, Parks, Historic places such as Kit Mikayi, and boat rides.
  • Kisumu is a Lakeside City with a lot of leisure activities.

Note: Depending on the Experteers interests and specific project details we may ask that the Experteer cover some of their own in-country transportation costs

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Currently accepting applications

Apply as soon as possible


Industry: Non-Profit

Mission: Economic Empowerment

Size: Startup: 2 - 5 persons

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