Medellín, Colombia

Software Development Expert to Support Economic Empowerment for Colombians

Support Economic Development

Skills Needed

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Database Management
  • Technology

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Project Execution (Typically 1 - 6 months)

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Project Details

Description and Impact

Formal documentation of property rights provides individuals with security, access to financial services and the ability to transfer rights. Families living in poverty use this economic boost to make home improvements, send children to school and invest in small businesses for financial stability. Despite the transformational potential of property rights formalization, 140 countries do not have effective property administration systems, and only 25 percent of the world’s estimated 6 billion land parcels are formally registered.

Incubated under the auspices of the Harvard Innovation Lab, Mercy Corps and Habitat for Humanity, Suyo was designed to generate social and economic opportunities for low-income families through property rights formalization.

We're seeking experteer support because we are migrating to a new CRM (customer relationship management) and internal project management platform in order to ensure that we have a stronger technological infrastructure to support our increasing volume of customers. We hope that through this technological deployment we can continue to systematize and automate our processes, so that we can continue to deliver the lowest prices and highest quality to our low-income customers. We generate social impact by ensuring that the low-income population which we service has access to a transparent and economical property formalization services that better quality of life, now and for generations to come. 


Complete migration to the new platform (CRM + project management) and launch of our new mobile app, fully integrated with the platform. This will include:  

* Development of missing features to improve all internal management.
* Improving the user-experience according to the process flows that will be performed.  
* Development at the base to generate Artificial Intelligence, through a data structure that allows us to get there.

Other requirements

Our ideal candidate is a professional motivated by social impact, with a strong interest in self-learning, innovation generation and continued improvement. 

Required Knowledge/Skills:
○ Backend: python - django (API Rest Like)
○ Front-end web: react + redux

○ Mobile: react-native + redux

○ DBs: postgres + Elastic search
○ Advanced management in the latest HTML5 y CSS3 web technologies.
○ Intermediate knowledge of UML-based documentation.
○ Advanced knowledge of SQL (PostgreSQL).
○ Capacity for creation and interpretation of technical software development documents.
○ Advanced knowledge in object-oriented programming.
○ Research capacity. 

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Living Stipend
  • Learning Opportunity

Living Stipend

We will cover the cost of housing for one month. 

Learning Opportunity

This position provides an excellent opportunity to improve your Spanish. In addition, the Experteer will learn the ins and outs of a foreign tech start-up, gaining valuable insight into the technical and legal aspects of the work we do.

Additional Benefits

This position provides the Experteer the opportunity to learn about property informality, a problem affecting 55% of Latin America and much of the world. Additionally, the Experteer will have many opportunities for cultural immersion, not only within the low-income Colombian communities that we serve, but also by being a part of our intimate team of young Colombian professionals. 


This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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