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Project Description and Impact

We are designing Net-Zero data centers. We need to showcase how this building works through 3D modeling renders. We will use thses 3D model renders and upload them to our website to pitch pre-seed investors.


Pitch: :Cubed Data Enterprises, Inc.


My name is Mr. Pima Mbwana, a serial entrepreneur, venture builder and CEO/managing director of Cubed Data Enterprises, Inc. I'm originally from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and grew up in Ithaca New York. I’m certified to build energy efficient (net zero) buildings. 


Netflix is on a mission to expand the African continent's rich storytelling traditions. I have sat in on meetings with Netflix executives who are tasked with this initiative and they need help with last mile delivery of Internet capabilities in African countries. $200 Billion dollars USD was spent on Data Center Infrastructure projects in 2021. As the population is growing, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania will be a Mega City of 16.5 million people by 2050. This makes for the best timing in launching this infrastructure enterprise.   


I spent the last 3 years seeking out an answer to solve data center problems in Africa. There are 3 main problems facing the African data center industry: One - lack of infrastructure, Two - education gaps and Three - data center buildings face stagnation when new server technology is released.  


Enter Cubed Data Enterprises, INC. a Delaware Registered Corporation. We are a data center building design company. We provide energy efficient building design blueprints to lease to clients seeking data center construction. As a Delaware Registered Corporation and through partnerships with Prosper Africa two-way trade agreements between America and African countries we will be working with credible municipalities ensuring investor resources are secure.  


The two resources critical to data centers functioning properly is water to cool down the facility and electricity to power the facility. These two resources of water and electricity are the by-products that our buildings produce.  The sale of these by-product resources of water and electricity coupled with the main resource of data storage is our plan to pay the principal and interest back to our investors in a timely manner. This also serves as our business model expansion plan.  


By utilizing shipping containers to house the IT equipment we provide customizable energy efficient building designs which allow for an easy plug and play solution for keeping a data center up to date with the newest server technology.  


Our solution allows data centers to be built in regions lacking electrical and water utilities, uses less resources overall, and puts educating the public as our first and foremost public duty.   I have invested 3 years, $35K USD, have graduated from the LABS196 energy accelerator, am currently going through the REV: Ithaca Hardware Accelerator and have been offered a residency in the Futures Lab, an asset in the Denver Smart City Alliance Portfolio.  


I am currently raising $500K USD SAFE at a $1.5 million USD pre money valuation to build out our building design blueprints (IP) to scale further.   As an investor in Cubed Data Enterprises Inc. investors receive a percentage of each building that gets leased by way of the Professional Engineer certified building blueprints (IP) we are seeking money to develop.  


The $500K USD will be used to pay Professional Engineers to design and certify the building blueprints. Once these blueprints are completed we will work with Prosper Africa and its partners in finding our first customers. At the end of IP development we look to have roughly $170,000 left out of the $500,000 - dollar capital raise. We look to use this leftover capital to kick-start our go to market strategy in acquiring first customers. We plan to conduct a further funding raise for a feasibility study. Utilizing construction firms that take on the liability of building the structure and a plan to lease our building plans to municipalities for a term no longer than 10 years, our business revenue model mimics a SaaS revenue model.  


I believe in this endeavor, and am excited to share this opportunity to change the way we build data centers.


Link to Pitch Deck, Financial Projections and Legal Documents:

Learning Opportunity

How to build Net-Zero Buildings.


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About the Hosting Organization

Cubed Data Enterprises, Inc. is a For-profit working on Computer Hardware, Computer Networking, Global Development, Telecommunications, Utilities, Wireless.