Social Impact Project for Strategic Advice for our Growth and Development

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

We were lucky enough to gain support from SAP during the acceleration collective in 2021-22. The help of the SAP team saw us perfecting our communication strategy, branding and outlining our overall mission in a much more clear and tangible way. As we create service technology for humanitarian aid organisations, we needed to learn how to speak about our product in an accessible way for grassroots, mostly refugee-aid, organisations, whilst simultaneously reaching potential donors and developers with the same language. 

Our current context is that we now have a great base from which to communicate with people, but what we lack is the vision for our progression and development into 2023. We have broad aims, knowing that we want to grow and increase both our credibility in the field and the credibility of the grassroots humanitarian network in general. The grassroots field is in our roots and we want to champion the work organisations are doing to external audiences. We also wish to improve our product (warehouse, beneficiary management and live data collection) to include more features (aid-ordering and aid-transfer capabilities). We have a great team already working on this, but lack 1) funding security post Q3 2023 and 2) the full implementation plan of how these developments will reach both current and potential future partners.

We would like strategic advice on growth and development from either an expert or experts in the business and technology field, to help us bring our social-impact organisation to the masses in the best way which is right for both us and the field. We are an organisation who charge for our services and all of those profits go back into the organisation to continue and improve our operations, making us a non-profit. We have huge skills in technology, programming and have real ground experience in humanitarian volunteering. We would appreciate someone who can reflect on our ideas and give us advice on our next steps as an organisation.

Learning Opportunity

- what are grassroots humanitarian organisations

- about the refugee crisis in Europe and Lebanon

- about how technology can improve the field

- about what grassroots volunteer organisations need and how technology is a solution to their needs

- meeting a great, dedicated team and being inspired by those who dedicate their lives to humanitarian work

Additional Benefits

Unique experience and insights into the humanitarian field. Connection to partners (other organisations) who can provide physical on-site volunteering opportunities, who may also want experteer advice and be able to pay for accommodation, transport etc.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Boxtribute is a Non-profit working on Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Fundraising, Impact Investing, Information Technology (IT), International Trade and Development, Internet, Non-Profit, Packaging and Containers, Retail, Staffing and Recruiting, Warehousing.