Social Impact Project for Speech Recognition for Everyone: Inclusive Voice Technology

How This Works

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Project Description and Impact

Speech recognition for everyone: inclusive voice technology that helps people with disabilities and elderly live more independently and safely

Voiceitt is an AI and machine learning company based in Israel, with a U.S. subsidiary. Investors include Microsoft's M12, the Amazon Alexa Fund, AMIT Technion, Dreamit Ventures, and AARP. Voiceitt's positioning and unique niche has been highlighted Forbes, Amazon Science, and The New York Times.

Voiceitt has developed automatic speech recognition (ASR) for accents, dialects, aging voices, and speech disabilities. 

The Voiceitt SDK is a voice based accessibility add-on that can be integrated with any voice interface. Voiceitt can be integrated as a stand-alone ASR, or used with another ASR system as an accessibility extension. The Voiceitt App, supporting in-person communication and environmental control via Voiceitt's unique Alexa integration, is available on the App Store. 

Voiceitt opens the world of smart speakers and voice assistants. In addition to facilitating environmental control and voice assistant interaction, Voiceitt enables real-time transcription in video conferencing and voice-based navigation on mobile devices for individuals with speech and motor impairments. 

With seamless Voiceitt integrations, people with non-standard speech can use their voices to connect with loved ones, colleagues, and healthcare professionals - making the benefits, utility and sheer joy of these applications accessible to all users.



This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Voiceitt is a For-profit working on Computer Software, Consumer Electronics.