Social Impact Project for Sales Strategy Experteer to Support EnRoute

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

Our organization works to break the stigma that living sustainably is a huge and expensive transformation by helping schools and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint through transport & shopping activities. 

Utilizing technology for good, we’ve built a mobile app & a web platform that assists young people to create daily commuting plans with the least amount of CO2 emissions. What is more, through EnRoute, they learn what’s behind their favorite fashion brand, and take action on the spot, swapping greenwashing corporations for local sustainable stores. Sharing campaigns on international summits and youth events, we educate humanity to break the stigma that living sustainably is a huge and expensive transformation. Instead, we inspire them to harness the power of small daily actions and reduce one CO2 gram at a time. We’re a proudly local organization, directly cooperating with our communities, but also proudly global, operating in over 50 countries.

Till now, EnRoute has been only financed by grants. With this project, we are looking forward to create a sales strategy in the following areas: (1) Collaborating with the public and private schools (or separate classrooms) on a semester-long plan, teaching them how to live eco-friendly through their daily activities; (2) Establishing partnerships and promoting sustainable fashion brands; (3) Masterclasses on eco-friendly living and climate action. This sales strategy would enable us to increase our impact and thus, ensure the livelihood of our organization.

We're a young, impact-driven team who in 18 months managed to reach over 60.000 people across the Globe. We’ve saved 170.000 kg CO2 emissions and helped our users discover 645 sustainable shops. Let's save planet Earth, one CO2 emission at a time!

Learning Opportunity

  • Meeting with social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations around the Globe
  • Ability to work along and attract GenZ customers (or members)

Additional Benefits

  • Connection with our international community of youth climate activists
  • Connection with the decision-makers of 20 + global impactful organizations (United People Global, Global Citizen Year, Global Changemakers, etc.)
  • Invitation to our advisory board


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

EnRoute (project name) / Empower The Youth (legally incorporated name) is a Non-profit working on Environmental Services, Renewables & Environment.


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