Social Impact Project for Research Experteer to Support Registering The YCDP in Ireland

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

There are many international organisations that give grants for development projects that are aligned with their mission. For example, Irish Aid, Oxfam etc. In many cases, it is a requirement to be registered in the country of operation of the aid organisation to qualify for the grant. In other cases, being in the same country facilitates and expedites the process. The YCDP is keen on exploring such opportunities in Ireland.

To be able to support young people, local marginalized changemakers and social entrepreneurs, international volunteers and local partners, The YCDP needs to become a very well established organization. We would like to work on this foundational aspect with an Experteer who is enthusiastic to support us to get there.

We need help to create a 'blueprint/playbook' for registering The YCDP in Ireland.

Learning Opportunity

Opportunity to practice human-centered design in taking part to non-profit operations that meet our organization's/ the community's needs. Gain hands on experience with a grassroots social enterprise.

Additional Benefits

This is a good opportunity for the Experteer to experience Africa. We could guide you to experience Africa and particularly a West-African country called TOGO with its sandy Atlantic coast, its local way of life, local meals, local clothing. Meet local people and live as simple as walk to shop at the community local markets.

Free-time activities could be organized like hiking sports, swimming or museum, zoo, African crafts and folk discovery to put you at the heart of our culture. If you decide to discover the countryside and natural parks and zoo, the villages of the hinterland, we could help you arrange it… surely you will love the rural mountains regions and their landscape and small waterfalls: ready for a trek experience? It is possible too.

Evening relaxation would be a particular moment to let away the stress of the working day and to build friendship, a privileged moment to discuss with others about what matters to you... and if you like it why not a Yoga class for beginners (an exchange or simple introducing to the yoga and practicing some positions for beginners), or would you prefer a local native language study such as Ewe? It is up to you, you are welcome to our country Togo.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

The Youth Centre for Development and Peace (THE YCDP) is a Non-profit working on Global Development, Civic & Social Organization, Education, Farming.