Choco, Colombia

Entrepreneurship Training for Rural Electrification

Support Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Skills Needed

  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Training
  • International Business
  • Sales

Estimated Workload

Part Time (2-15 hours a week)


Pro Bono Consultant

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English, Spanish.
Additionally, speaking Hindi would be helpful.

When Can You Start?

The ideal start date for this project is as soon as possible.

Project Duration

The estimated duration of this project is 12 to 24 weeks.



Travel Stipend

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Project Details

Description and Impact

We are an innovative social enterprise that helps create jobs while providing clean energy to those that need it most. We produce rural electrification systems that be easily setup in remote areas, enabling communities, businesses, and infrastructure projects to access clean energy. It uses a smart business model of selling these generators to locals, who can then use the electricity to power their businesses and/or sell the electricity in their communities. 

We are a component supplier with two proprietary products: (1) Micro hydrokinetic turbine(s) and (2) a fully pre-wired distribution system with integrated load management. These two products are packaged with PV, batteries, and meters to create a highly standardized off-grid electrification package.

We have a big opportunity to scale across specific regions and is looking for a volunteer with program management, sales, and/or entrepreneurship experience, as well as technical exposure, to build a training program for local entrepreneurs on how electrification can help them, and their communities. The selected volunteer should be aware of cultural as well as gender-specific aspects of using technology, this is because Smart Hydro Power explicitly supports female entrepreneurs in the field bridging the gap between “typical” male technology focus and “typical” female tasks.

The project may start in our headquarters in Feldafing, Germany for insights into the technology, and to start developing a first outline of the training. The actual training of entrepreneurs in the field will then take place in Choco Province in Colombia. An additional adaptation for India is also being discussed.


The greater aim of the project is to accelerate and professionalize the market for rural electrification which is still not very mature by introducing a usage of electricity beyond light and mobile charging. This shall be done in a sustainable and scalable way, meaning that the expert shall design a training program that is adapted and tested in three to four reference cases. After conducting training sessions and building case studies, the volunteer will work with the SHP team to explore designing a train-the-trainer approach for improved scaling and monitoring. With the use of this training program, Smart Hydro Power aims to support entrepreneurs doing good for their communities and show how this work can be scaled

Since the market for hydropower is not yet developed in this region, in addition to training only entrepreneurs, we will also be partnering with non-profit groups, who can then work with the communities they serve. In order to further develop the market for rural electrification, the task of the expert is to develop, test and implement a training program which goes beyond the technical aspects of using electricity, and includes teaching entrepreneurs how to make efficient use of electricity bringing added value to their communities. As an example, in Peru, one of our engineers provided a workshop for women on how to make use of a fridge, enabling the local women to generate income by serving travelers with cold orange juice.

The expert is supposed to integrate different electrical devices into a micro grid and show how to make efficient use of this new opportunity. This training should cover technical aspects as well as basic economic aspect empowering independent rural entrepreneurs. The final goal of the training is to equip local entrepreneurs with a basic knowledge of rural electrification and the economic skills to work independently.

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Travel Stipend
  • Learning Opportunity


Accommodation in Germany will be within a fully furnished room in Smart Hydro Powers HQ. Accommodation in Colombia will be basic accommodation.

Travel Stipend

International travel costs will be covered by contract partner Siemens Stiftung (foundation).

Learning Opportunity

Product development for the bottom of the pyramid, adapted technology, economics in developing countries.

Additional Benefits

Siemens Stiftung (foundation) will also cover visa costs.

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