Empower Women with Your Program Design and Management Skills

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Skills Needed

  • Leadership
  • Program Management
  • Marketing
  • Product Design
  • Training


Provides information, makes recommendations, and assists with the implementation of solutions.


The chosen candidate will work with a representative from our company to create this program. We are open to the type of program depending on the skills and experience of the Experteer. Our most needed areas include marketing, product design, training module design, integrated system design. The following results are a list of items we feel can be achieved within 2 weeks:

  • Identified needs of women we are trying to empower in a specific rural area.
  • Design a program that is suitable for these women and our company.
  • Design a program book so the program can be replicated in other areas. 

Language Proficiencies

  • English

Estimated Workload

Part Time (2-15 hours a week)

When Can You Start?

As soon as posible


Project Details


We are in the fashion accessories business and we have a passion for empowering women in our society so they can help their family have a better life. We are currently developing a program to empower women in Trowulan, Mojokerto. We want to make a program that is suitable and replicable for women in other areas of Indonesia.

We are looking for an experienced program developer to support this purpose. It will be very advantages if the Experteer also has experience working with women or has developed a similar program in the past. The program should enable these women to become more economically independent and understand about women equal rights.

Dates are flexible

Benefits Overview



Learning Opportunity

You can learn about a handmade based fashion accessories company.
You can also learn about Indonesia culture in everyday life. You can learn about the life of women in Indonesia and their struggles and living conditions.

Organization Details

About Makarios Kreasindo

Makarios Kreasindo is a For-profit with social mission working on Fashion.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Makarios Kreasindo is making process on the following SDGs:

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