Social Impact Project for Chef

How This Works

In the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship, you will learn how to advance your for-good career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

My wife and I started our small catering business in May of last year and we would like to give our food a twist by having someone new on our team to help with the cooking. We would like to collaborate and share our skills to create delicious and sustainable lunch foods. 

Learning Opportunity

By participating in the MovingWorlds Institute, you will first learn social impact frameworks and human-centered design before putting your existing skills and new knowledge to action.In addition, this organization will expose you to new things, like:

You will have the opportunity to experience our culture while learning new recipes and practicing your Spanish. 


We have a bedroom in our place where all the cooking takes place. So you won't need to commute to work!

We live in the Poblado area where you can find almost everything you could need. 

Food Stipend

We can provide lunch on week days.

Additional Benefits

We will show you around and make some trips with you.

About the Hosting Organization

cömocömo is a For-profit working on Food & Beverages.


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