Graphic Designer to Support Hypothermia Awareness Campaigns

Support Health in Bangalore, India

Brand Design, Communications, Design (Web or Print), Multimedia
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as soon as possible
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6 weeks to 4½ months
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Accommodations, Travel Stipend, Learning Opportunity, Good For Groups
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We think this is a meaningful project for the seasoned graphic designer to support health in Bangalore, India. Housing and flights will be provided.

Opportunity Details


Our social enterprise has a series of innovative products which help prevent infant mortality through wearable devices.

As background, hypothermia is a leading cause of death and illness in newborns, especially in developing countries. Hypothermia is often referred to as a silent killer because the warning signs are easy to miss if you are not educated on hypothermia. BEMPU needs a health communications expert to help them to design communication and education materials for doctors, nurses, and parents. These materials will be used in hospitals and community settings with the goal of decreasing death and illness related to hypothermia. The communications tools need to be globally understood by individuals of varying education and literacy levels, and people from various language backgrounds. The Health Communications Expert will also help guide BEMPU with a communications strategy to most effectively reach the widest audience possible.

Public Health and Health Communications is not a widely known field in India – there are few experts in this area. BEMPU seeks a skilled foreign communications specialist to teach their team how to more effectively communicate health issues and solutions. Additionally, there are few existing resources that communicate the consequences of hypothermia in low-resource settings, so BEMPU would appreciate guidance on how best to create these new resources.


Recent WHO reports state by implementing hypothermia prevention, neonatal mortality rates can be lowered by up to 48%.  BEMPU believes when more doctors and families are aware of hypothermia, they will be in a better position to distribute our hypothermia alert device.

The project will be a success when we have developed a communications campaign for a hospital and community setting.

Deliverables for this project will be two awareness communication campaigns, including original resources and materials, as well as a timeline of intervention/distribution and proposed strategy.

Great for people with health communication skills!
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  • Brand Design
  • Communications
  • Design (Web or Print)
  • Multimedia


  • English


  • Hindi

We Provide These Local Benefits


BEMPU will provide accommodation for the Experteer.


BEMPU is a successful social enterprise in Bangalore –professionals will be part of a small but ambitious team, and will get the chance to learn about various aspects of their operations—they do our engineering, design, and manufacturing in-house; have their own sales forces; interact with Indian State governments, international governments, and large public health organizations/foundations; and, they have our own public health/clinical arm, which is responsible for various clinical studies to validate, test, and improve our devices. Our professional will be treated like a regular employee and will be able to participate in strategy meetings. She or he will get the opportunity to visit and interact with a number of Indian hospitals and health facilities and get unique on-the-ground experience.


Siemens Stiftung will be the contract partner and cover all travel costs.

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Industry: Medical Devices

Mission: Health

Size: Medium sized organization: 25 - 100 persons

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