R&D on more efficient construction materials from discarded plastics

Support Environment in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Business Strategy, Civil Engineering, International Business, Mechanical Engineering
Can Start: 
as soon as possible
Can Stay: 
4 weeks to 4½ months
Must Speak: 
English, Spanish
Learning Opportunity

We think this is an innovative project for the experienced engineer to support environment in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Opportunity Details


We are an organization that developed a new proprietary process that differs from the traditional recycling systems by being low-cost and capable of recycling all kind of plastics, even the considered as non-recyclable, which represent 70% of all the stream. The output is a new kind of artificial stone for massive use in the construction industry that can replace quarry rock as a coarse aggregate within the concrete mix and as base and sub-base for road paving. We have the potential of diverting thousands of tons of plastics from the environment, reducing CO2 due to less need for transportation from quarries and minimizing the need for rock mining. This stone is 10 times better insulator and half the weight of mineral stones at a competitive price.

We are seeking an expert to join our professional team in Buenos Aires, Argentina from August to December 2016. We'll work in the development of new materials for the construction industry and a large-scale production system.  We'd also appreciate a professional willing to guide us in commercialization. The experteers will help us bring the product to the market. 


Our final deliverable at this stage of the project will be reaching the market. Then, global scaling will generate more impact, while the market continues growing. 


  • Business Strategy
  • Civil Engineering
  • International Business
  • Mechanical Engineering


  • English
  • Spanish

We Provide These Local Benefits


We are a team of young and enthusiastic professionals, ready to overcome challenges. We know our project is great and we'll dedicate entirely to it. 


Buenos Aires is a magical city with great history. The most popular tourist sites are found in the historic core of the city, in the Montserrat and San Telmo neighborhoods. We'd be glad to show the experts our beautiful city and give them the opportunity to know our culture.


This opportunity accepts applications for virtual experteers.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

I would like to know the date when applications will expire ... And about staying there in Argentina, will volunteers be responsible of it, or ut will be provided? Thanks :)
Osama, Aug 1st, 2016
Hello Osama, We are actually at R&D stage, and this will continue for 12 months, so there's always place to join us. The acommodations and stipends are conversable depending on the time that you'll be able to work with us. We'd like to know about you! Why are you interested in us and how could you help us? When could you come? Please be free to tell us whatever you want! Thanks, Sebastian
Representative of this opportunity, Aug 1st, 2016

Is Spanish fluency required?
Corinne , Nov 11th, 2016
Hi Corinne! As we are settled in Buenos Aires and we are all native from Argentina, our mother tongue is spanish and we speak in spanish while we work. However, we can all speak english so there's no problem if you don't speak spanish. If you have any other question please let me know!
Representative of this opportunity, Nov 11th, 2016

Actually still I am a fresh grad in civil and environmental engineering, and not an expert yet .. so I would like to know if this position is just for experts?
Osama, Dec 22nd, 2016
This position is for anyone who is passionate about the environment and wants to contribute! So if you are interested we´d be glad to receive you. When and how long could you come? Thanks!
Representative of this opportunity, Dec 22nd, 2016

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Currently accepting applications


Industry: Construction, Plastics

Mission: Environment

Size: Startup: 2 - 5 persons

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