Seattle, United States

Corporate Partnership Consulting

Support Partnership for The Goals

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Skills Needed

  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Communications

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.

When Can You Start?

You can start as soon as possible and stay for 6 weeks to 2¾ months

Project Details

Description and Impact

MovingWorlds has begun to support corporations and corporate foundations that look to Experteering as a way to engage employees, develop globally minded leaders, and also create a positive social impact. As examples, you can read about programs we support in The Seattle Times and in SSIR.

We are looking for support in helping us develop our corporate and corporate foundation partnership strategy, including:

  1. Doing an analysis of the current marketing environment, and presenting findings to MovingWorlds team
  2. Identifying and segmenting market opportunities and MovingWorlds positioning for these
  3. Helping MovingWorlds develop and design outreach strategy, process, and tools to support more strategic reach-out to potential partners
  4. Helping MovingWorlds revise content for this outreach
  5. If time allows, begin to test content, messaging, and process by supporting in reaching out to potential partners


Deliverables include:

  • An analysis of opportunities in the corporate and corporate foundation space
  • A strategy document outlining recommended partnership strategy
  • Content creation / edits to improve marketing and communication with our selected audiences
  • Setup process and tools to effectively manage partnerships

Additional Useful Skills

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Learning Opportunity

Learning Opportunity

  • Learn how to implement a strategic partnership in practice.
  • Learn how to operate in a global Startup environment

Additional Benefits

  • Virtual training on our value proposition, our 'partnership toolkit' and other resources.
  • Opportunity to network with high level development organizations in the region, as our Regional Developer
  • References and opportunities to help you further your career in this space
  • Free lifetime membership to MovingWorlds



This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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