La Union, Costa Rica

Electrical Engineer Focused on Solar Energy

Support Affordable and Clean Energy

Skills Needed

  • Renewable Energy

Estimated workload



Team Member (Typically 6+ months)

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.
Additionally, speaking Spanish would be helpful.

When Can You Start?

You can start ASAP


Living Stipend


Project Details

Description and Impact

Our company needs help to structure the engineering department. We need to put in place strong plans to develop solar installations in the whole region (Central America) on a sustainable way.

The plan constitutes on:

  • Create report (template) before and after the solar installations for quality purpose.
  • Standardized solar installation and supplier selection. 
  • Structure template and documentation to comply with ISO9001
  • Participate to the elaboration of a general national report of the economic and social impact of solar energy in Costa Rica.


We are in a unique position to develop solar projects in Central America. But, in the last 10 years, we have been challenged to find motivated local engineers. Unfortunately, in Central America, the main driver for young engineers is salary, which is not possible in a developing market such as solar. 

If done right, the project could be replicated in all central America countries to lower carbon footprint. The environmental impact is huge due to the dependency of central American countries to bunker for electrical generation. Each solar panel installed will lower the need of backup energy form utility companies.

The social impact is directly for our customer. It represents a monthly economical saving. These savings can be re-use to contract more personals or simply improve the health of the companies. Our focus group is small and medium size companies.




Other requirements

We need someone independent in his work and in his live. I have received plenty of volunteer in the past from Europa and USA. Some love costa rica, some hate it. The difference is the capacity to meet new friends. Costa Rica is a small country but the distances are complicate so the candidate should make some friends close by the office/living area with locals. 

A experiences in Central America is definitely a plus. Spanish is a requirement or communication become a challenge of every moment.

 If the candidate is engineer he should be able to adapt fast at Homer software, Odoo ERP, Solargys software,... 

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Living Stipend
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Good For Groups
  • Good For Families


For the first month, we have a room in the house of the owner which is very big with a large garden. After that, a small appartement close from the office will be more appropriate for privacy.

Living Stipend

Living in Costa Rica is not so cheap so we understand that we have to participate to the cost of living. Now, salaries are also low so we have in mind around 500USD/months. 

Learning Opportunity

Pierre Lambot (the owner) give a lot of courses in solar field and keep a very close eye on last technology. As this position will be working closely with him, the experteer will learn a lot on the last storage and/or solar innovations.

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