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Support Good Health and Well-being in Mae Hong Son, Thailand, Thailand

Engineering, Architecture, Renewable Energy
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as soon as possible
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1 week to 6 weeks
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Burmese, Thai
Accommodations, Learning Opportunity, Good For Families

We think this is a meaningful opportunity for an engineer to support sustainability in rural Thailand.

Opportunity Details


We are a co-created fashion brand connecting people affected by conflict and migration to a global community. We feature handmade jewelry and accessories by refugee artisans. We pay fair prices to refugees so that they may support and empower themselves through entrepreneurship while sustaining and building upon their traditional skills. 

Currently, we are seeking an Experteer with engineering skills to help us to complete the installation of a single-family use biodigester. With some remote guidance from an NGO, we constructed the biodigester but were not able to get it functional. We need an Experteer who can review our construction and correct our mistakes. The Experteer will be working with a member of the village who has some experience with the biodigester (learned as a child in Burma at agriculture education). 

This project was initiated by the village with the goal of finding alternative options for cooking. Currently, the villagers collect wood from the jungle and sometimes the men are arrested for illegally cutting the trees. Meanwhile, the women are inhaling smoke from cooking with firewood.

The Experteer will also train members of the village how to maintain the biodigester.

Depending on availability and interest, we would like support, guidance, and training to construct more biodigesters in the village along with monitoring and evaluation of the project. 


This project would be considered a success when we have one fully functioning biodigester and one person who is capable of maintaining it.

We will work alongsideyou to cultivate awareness in the community around the project (there was initially a lot of excitement, however it has lost some steam). 

To be discussed: If you would like to extend the project, there could be potential for a few more biodigesters, training and impact and evaluation reporting. 

Long-term measurable impact is fewer women cooking over woodfire, fewer arrests for logging, and less logging in general.

Interested but not the right length of time for you? Like this organization and have an idea how your skills can help them in other ways? Message us at:


  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Renewable Energy


  • English


  • Burmese
  • Thai

We Provide These Local Benefits


Your accommodation will be in the refugee village, Huay Pu Keng. It is a beautiful village, located on a river and can be reached by boat or road. 

The accommodation will be basic, but private (unless you prefer a homestay, that is also possible). All of the homes in the village are built using wood and bamboo. You will have a sleeping mat, plenty of blankets and pillows. There is minimal access to electricity, no internet or phone service. However, not a far drive (30 minutes) or boat ride into town. Your bungalow has a porch withe a beautiful jungle view. 


Living with this community is an opportunity of a lifetime. They are amazing, welcoming and Loving. They have soo many skills and experiences to share; from bamboo and boat building, spear-fishing, weaving, traditional medicine, traditional cooking, carving, much! And lots of football and volleyball!

Also, working with a community. This is itself a very specific skill-set. We work in a very specific way called, co-creation, so our model of working is based on the relationships that we have and starts from a place of equality, communication, and love. 


Meals can be provided (70 baht), locally farmed, organic and home-cooked traditional meals!

Living with this community is an opportunity of a lifetime. They are amazing, welcoming and loving. They have so many skills and experiences to share; from bamboo and boat building, spear-fishing, weaving, traditional medicine, traditional cooking, carving, much! And lots of football and volleyball!

There is jungle to explored and a river to swim in. And your new friends will gladly explore with you. 

If you are interested, I am sure other projects will come up while you are there, for example, the community is currently promoting a different model of tourism (one where they teach these skills). 

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Currently accepting applications


Industry: Fashion

Mission: Good Health and Well-being

Size: Startup: 2 - 5 persons

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