Chief Strategist to Connect 1 Million Impact Women

Support Gender Equality in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Business Strategy, Innovation, Fundraising
Can Start: 
as soon as possible
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3 weeks to 6 weeks
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Learning Opportunity

We think this is a meaningful project for the seasoned business stategy professional to support women empowerment in London, United Kingdom in exchange for career coaching

Opportunity Details


Who: We are looking for an Innovative Network Development Strategist.

What: to help us develop a pragmatic plan to deploy our virtual networking programme focused on connecting and developing 1 million women social entrepreneurs (yes... 1 million!)

Why: Since 2001, we amplify the voice and the talent of thousands of women social entrepreneurs globally, through business incubation programmes. leadership development, advocacy and ecosystem building. We believe that the more women social entrepreneurs are connected, the more they can learn and work in collaboration, and produce a more positive social impact.

We are launching a global strategy to enable this network to flourish, reaching 1 million women social entrepreneurs and the people who support them.

How: The outcome of your Strategist's work is to:

  • Raise awareness, generate pins to our virtual networking programme in various parts of the world, among regional network leaders, infrastructure organisations, social ambassadors, and social entrepreneurs themselves.
  • Enable women social entrepreneurs to connect, get learning and leadership opportunities, and create collaborative alliances.
  • Enable supporters of women social entrepreneurs to understand how to provide better and more relevant services.
  • Promote the network's affiliated programmes and encourage interest in signing up to them.
  • Gather enough data and evidence to influence and advise policy makers & network members.
  • By clarifying how to deliver on the above, the strategy, when implemented, should serve the women social entrepreneurs' ecosystem and enable it to grow, gain influence and therefore, grow its social impact.

When: With this strategy, we plan to look for finance by March 2016 and start implementing it immediately.

Where: We are London based and work remotely with associates globally. The role can be done entirely remotely if you live outside London. If required, we can cover travel expenses to meet us in London from within London.


We will know this project is a success if:

1- we have a strategy to read and implement

2- the strategy articulates clear steps and milestones that will enable us to reach the above points, with tangible areas of research, tangible set of indicators and measures of success, and suggestions as to which talents should be included in the team to implement this strategy.



  • Business Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Fundraising



  • English


  • French

We Provide These Local Benefits


We offer insights on the Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem, insights on how women social entrepreneurs create change. We also offer a gender lens on social finance, social business, business networks as well as fabulous connections in this ecosystem all over the world. We offer access to a robust network in NGO's and Social Enterprises


We need someone happy to work remotely, who can give a few hours a week initially to supporting us.

Ideally, someone who can start ASAP. But we'd rather hold out for the right person.
We can offer expenses covered for travelling to meet us in London from within London (if required).
The role can be done entirely remotely if living outside London.

Additional benefit: our director is an experienced conscious innovation coach and is happy to swap this opportunity for coaching (not mentoring) sessions on a relevant topic (could be a career change, business coaching, leadership coaching - to be discussed).



This opportunity accepts applications for virtual experteers.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

its this open for foreign country applicant ?
Experteer, Mar 2nd, 2016
Yes indeed it is open to applicants based in foreign countries. The opportunity is remote and not office-based in London. The applicant should be proficient in English.
Representative of this opportunity, Mar 2nd, 2016

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Industry: Civic & Social Organization, Management Consulting, Professional Training & Coaching

Mission: Gender Equality

Size: Small organization: 5 - 25 persons

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