Social Impact Project for Web Development Experteer to Support Blackboard Africa eLearning

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Project Description and Impact

Blackboard Africa as a non-profit organisations that serves young people between the ages 13-25 in predominantly urban and previously disadvantaged communities across SouthAfrica. The key areas of Social Impact include Leadership & Development:
▪ Youth Leadership and Development programmes.

▪ Educational enrichment, Academic Support, Outreach programmes for the poor and needy.

▪ The promotion or advocacy of human rights for the vulnerable (Women & Children Abuse)

▪ Community development for poor and needy persons and anti-poverty initiatives, including: - promotion of community-based projects relating to Self-help, Empowerment, Capacity building, Skills development. and the provision of training, support or assistance to community-based projects contemplated.

Our interest is raising young leaders who are resilient enough to tackle their own barriers to learning and development. We thrive in instilling a vision for leadership and passing the baton to other in dealing with local Social challenges in the communities we live in. The few young people we target still lack the key personal, academic skills and competencies needed for the current climate as well as and the medium to long term future. There is large participation gap in this group because of unequal access to the opportunities, experiences, skills, and knowledge to prepare young people for the 21st century marketplace.

The BBA Youth Leadership Programme is about both internal resilience and outward social mobility for African youth to deal with the complex real-life challenges they face in their communities. The are about 5 learning programmes that we wish to introduce in this market for the next 2-3 years. Currently, we have since implemented two of these programmes, one for specifically teenage girls and the other for teenage boys. These two have been running concurrently as contact sessions and we would like to introduce migrate/ transform to a digital solution online.         



Learning Opportunity

Grassroots Youth Development Initiatives


This project accepts virtual experteers.

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Blackboard Africa is a Non-profit working on Education.


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