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Support mission to save newborns through graphic design and communications!

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  • Brand Design
  • Communications
  • Design (Web or Print)
  • Multimedia
  • Training

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You must be able to speak English.

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Project Details

Description and Impact

Our social enterprise has a series of innovative wearable devices that help prevent infant mortality. As a background, hypothermia is a leading cause of death and illness of newborns, especially in developing countries. Hypothermia is often referred to as a silent killer because the warning signs are easy to miss if you are not educated on hypothermia. This is why a coherent communication strategy is key to reach a broad public.

We are currently working on 5-6 different projects for which we need complementary communications expertise. Therefore, we are looking for an experienced communications expert whose mission is to select and to train our staff and guiding them through the development of communication material and the creation of an in-house PR strategy.

You will also support us with all communication related day-to-day jobs concerning graphic design or work on our website’s visual content. We need someone with substantial experience and expertise to design a branding strategy, social media strategy, and PR strategy. We would appreciate guidance on how best to communicate our organization's social impact on public health, especially for people at the bottom of the pyramid, as a brand.

Furthermore, you will jointly create a strategy for communicating important public health messages to the public. Our team would like to welcome an Experteer with Photoshop and video editing skills to create promotional videos that communicate our work’s impact and edit some of the existing visual assets that BEMPU already possesses. 


Recent WHO reports state by implementing hypothermia prevention, neonatal mortality rates can be lowered by up to 48%. We believe when more doctors and families are aware of hypothermia, they will be in a better position to distribute our hypothermia alert device. 

The project is considered a success when the Experteer has helped us develop an integrated communication strategy that will be implemented by a permanent communication specialist within our team. This specialist will be trained by the Experteer. As a result of this project, we will have the capacity to continue our work. There will also ideally be graphics and video content created that can be used for different purposes by the BEMPU team.

Other requirements

We are looking for someone who has a passion for social impact and is committed to our mission of saving babies' lives all over the world.

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  • Accommodations
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We can provide housing. 

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International flight costs will be provided. 


This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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