Coffee roasting expert to empower local farmers in Peru

Support Decent Work and Economic Growth in Lima, Peru

Agriculture, Food Management & Gastronomy
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as soon as possible
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2 weeks to 1¾ month
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Travel Stipend, Learning Opportunity
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We think this is an exciting opportunity for a coffee roasting expert to make a real impact in the coffee industry and in the lives of Peruvian communities in exchange for free accommodation.

Opportunity Details


Compadre is a social business that seeks to add value to small-scale agriculture with the use of solar energy, by increasing farmer´s involvement in the value chain and by providing a close-knit relationship between farmers and consumers. Compadre buys green coffee beans from small coffee farmers in the jungle of Perú, we pay them above the market price. We then store that coffee in our Solar Station and encourage the coffee farmers to come to our facility every month so they can roast the coffee we bought from them. For every kg of coffee they roast, we pay them an extra dollar.

Compadre is looking for a coffee roasting expert to develop a roasting profile or process that best suits the kind of coffee, customers, and machinery that we have. The aim is to develop a standardized roasting process so the rural farmers can follow this procedure in the future and have a great coffee quality to offer.

Improving the quality of their product will help us to increase our sales, allowing us to buy more coffee from local farmers and giving them more income. Compadre also they aim to build capacity within their growing community of farmers. Learning the art of roasting will give them more opportunities.

You can find more information about Compadre here:


This project will be considered a success if by the end of the project there is an increase in the quality of the coffee and more reliable production methods put into place. This will lead to a bigger customer base that can help Compadre to grow and work with more and more coffee farmers. If the quality is better, Compadre can also increase their price and offer more incomes to the roasters, in this case, the farmers.

We would also like the Experteer to deliver a roasting Manual with specifications like times, temperatures, and airflow, that can suit the local farmers roast habits.


  • Agriculture
  • Food Management & Gastronomy


  • English


  • Spanish

We Provide These Local Benefits


The Experteer will have a chance to:

-          Learn about Solar Roasting: No other company is roasting with solar concentration and only one more company is roasting with solar panels.

-          Work with small farmers: We have a close-knit relationship with the local coffee farmers, these people would know more about the challenges small-scale farmers face in the day-to-day in order to improve their life quality.


Siemens Stiftung will act as contract partner and cover the international travel costs as well as insurance and visa costs.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity


Industry: Food Production

Mission: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Size: Small organization: 5 - 25 persons

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