Vagator, India

Creative Coder for Interactive Museum in India

Support Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure,Quality Education

Skills Needed

  • IT
  • Software Development
  • Technology
  • Design (Web or Print)
  • Web Development

Estimated workload


Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.

When Can You Start?

You can start ASAP




Travel Stipend

Project Details

Description and Impact

Our organization is an experiential, multi-sensory space that creates immersive experiences through tech-enabled installations. Visitors’ are led through the museum following a non-linear story-telling approach. The museum will be complemented with workshops & talks (STEAM), a niche tech product fair, related events & performances and an F&B area focused on taste hacking. We will open our doors to the public in November 2019 in Goa. This is a totally new concept in India and we would like to introduce the space with a bang. 

We are looking for a Creative Coder who can join our team of artists and engineers in developing and building interactive installations. For example, helping add various sensors to Arduino or Rasberry Pi and many more things. We hope to find an experteer who is creative and can come up with new ways of enhancing installations or art work. In addition, we aim to manage the various installations through an WHTT interface and would like your support in setting up the right supportive solution architecture. 



Depending on your time, skill and interest, we would together select first one installation to work on.

  1. Contribute to the planned installation by developing or adapting the code. Most importantly, help us with the complex parts as we have a coder on the team who is good, yet lacks experience in creative coding and would much benefit from learning from you
  2. Advise on how to best match code with a user-friendly interface and log with hardware (e.g. Arduino, Rasberry Pi as well as output hardware like speakers or projectors)
  3. Advise on building of customer interface (app) and create APIs for installations, where suitable and possibly review and enhance our current approach. Basic code and guideline developed. 
  4. Collaborate with other team members including 3D and motion graphics (Saif), AI content generation (Ivan) animation (tbd) and others to ensure complementary learning and exchange

Other requirements

We are open to different types of roles, depending on the time available of the Experteer and we adjust to their interest and our needs individually.

You would need to have experience with Java, C, C++.  You should have worked with Arduino and Rasberry Pi before. 

Ideally, you have an understanding of and interactive installations, experiential entertainment, etc.  

We are looking for someone passionate about our project (happy to talk more on the phone) and we are flexible to your needs and life situation.

At the same time, once we shake virtual hands, will commit to our offer and expect you to do the same. 

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Travel Stipend
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Meal Stipend
  • Good For Groups
  • Good For Families


We are currently inviting a number of volunteers during this super hot project phase before the grand opening. In case we have a large enough number (e.g. 6 people) we can rent a house rooms, possibly partially sharing rooms. If not, we would rent either hostel beds nearby or also invite you to stay with us or team members' houses, in our guest rooms. 

Therefore, we will figure this out on an individual basis, depending on the timing you would come. 

Travel Stipend

In general, we cannot provide a travel stipend. 

However, if you are from a developing country (term used by grant giving organization), we could help applying for travel support stipends with Organizations we know. It is their decision to grant you support or not. We think, however, it is worth a try. 

Learning Opportunity

We are a team of experienced professionals (10-35 years) who decided to change their path and start-up this unique project in various areas. 

We would certainly inspire inter-disciplinary learning, sharing and collaboration, depending on your interests. 

Our work areas are

  • Design of interactive installations, interior decoration and spaces (creative and tech/coding parts)
  • Building above (hands-on building, welding, wood work, electrics, etc.) and building also furniture
  • Documentation and content creation (video, animation, AI generated content, etc.)
  • Start-up management, partnership building
  • Educational programming, pedagogical work and focus on children's experience
  • Communications and Marketing
  • and a number of more...


Food Stipend

At the museum location, we will provide an Indian style community lunch during the day. 

Additional Benefits

  • We will put you in touch with the local network we have, including the local and international artists, engineers and others we work with. 
  • We give you all insider tips we have so that you have an amazing and unforgettable time in Goa.
  • We will also give you a complete, professional reference letter after completion for any potential future employer. 

Please do share your additional needs with us and we will do our best to accommodate. 





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