Expertise + Volunteering = Experteering

If you have professional work experience, your skills and insights can help accelerate a more just, equitable, and sustainable global economy.

Following our two-fold mission, we help social enterprises in the ‘pioneer gap’ access the skills to overcome any challenge, while helping the professionals who volunteer their expertise find more purpose in their work and accelerate their for-good careers.

Unlike other short-term volunteering models or voluntourism (which can erode dignity, create dependencies, and reinforce paternalism) the experteering model seeks to transfer skills and know-how to local groups already developing their own solutions to real problems. Rather than centering the needs of the volunteer, the experteering approach keeps the needs of the community being served at the heart of the work.

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Experteering is a new way to pool top talent for social good

Expertise fills gaps that would otherwise be untouched

"People looking for volunteering opportunities to use their professional skills in an international capacity but who feel lost in finding a project that does good may have just found their perfect match."

Supporting Verified Social Impact Organizations

Through our global network of impact accelerators, strategic corporations, foundations, and impact investors, we identify locally-led impact organizations with verified projects around the world.

We look for organizations that demonstrate social enterprise thinking – a process and mindset that creates self-sustaining solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. We also screen every potential host organization for mission alignment, organizational capacity, social impact, and legal status to make sure that it's a place where an Experteer can meaningfully contribute.

Here are just a few of our partners

Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century.

- World Economic Forum

High-Impact Projects

Whether you’re looking for a week long project or a year long project, a virtual engagement or an in-person experience, we can help you find the right opportunity to make a sustainable long-term impact with your skills. Browse the hundreds of projects already published on our platform, or scope a custom project with an organization in our network based on your skills, preferences, and their support needs.

In addition to vetting organizations, we also review each project submission to ensure there is an element of skills transfer, long-term capacity building, direct social impact, and clear deliverables that fit the time frame.

Transfer Knowledge as a Trainer

Engage with an organization to help teach a specific skill or resource (like training Excel skills, accounting best practices, methodology, HR best practices, or marketing analytics to name a few).

Example Story

Complete a Specific Project

In as little as 1 week, support a team with a specific task that has a clear deliverable, like designing a new website, setting up an accounting system, developing a marketing plan, creating an engineering schematic, or other skills-based project.

Example Story

Serve as a Strategic Consultant

In as little as one week, immerse yourself around a specific opportunity or challenge area. Give yourself enough time to learn community and cultural contexts, and then propose (and potentially implement) a plan to accelerate impact

Example Story

Our Experteering process is designed to help you have a truly transformative experience — while creating lasting change in the field!

Gain Experience to Grow Your World-Positive Career

The MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship program is designed to help you find more purpose in your work and make a bigger impact with your career — whether you’re staying in your current job or looking for a new one.

Uncover your unique personal and professional drivers, learn leading social impact frameworks like human-centered design and design thinking, then apply what you’ve learned with the support of coaches, mentors, and your peers to a custom matched experteering project that builds on your strengths while challenging you to grow.

Afterwards, get the support you need to turn your experience into a portfolio worthy piece of content and reposition your professional brand so that you can earn — or create — your dream job.

Learn more and apply here.

Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say 'We have done this ourselves'.

- Lao Tzu

‘Voluntourism’ Can’t Solve Big Problems. That’s Where ‘Experteers’ Come In

When experts volunteer, good happens.

This organization is working to take 'tourism” out of voluntourism'

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