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How to Go Experteering Through MovingWorlds

MovingWorlds is a membership community that connects you directly to social impact organizations around the world that provide local benefits in exchange for your skills. When you become a member, you get full access to Experteering projects, and our support team will source new projects based on your profile. We then host a guided planning process between you and your Hosting Organization to make sure all parties adequately prepare for a high-impact experience, and then give you the guides, training, and resources to help you have an impactful experience in the field.

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"People looking for volunteering opportunities to use their professional skills in an international capacity but who feel lost in finding a project that does good may have just found their perfect match."

Featured Experteering Stories

Create an Impact While Building Your Skills

Our mission is to connect you directly to an inspiring startup, nonprofit, incubator, school or other social impact organization that will benefit from your skills. By Experteering with a MovingWorlds verified organization, you’ll help tackle the “Talent Gap” - one of the leading barriers to global progress. To help guide you, we’ve created an online training, extensive resources, and an “Experteering Planning Process” to help you have a safe, high-impact trip.

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“...skills-based volunteering - AKA Experteering - is an excellent project to develop talents to help you get ahead in your career.”

"3 weeks after becoming a member, I was connected to an environmental nonprofit in Panama that provided free room and board for 4 months

In exchange, I designed and built a sustainable sleeping cabin that is now being used for international research and education trips."

-Drew M., Experteered in January to April, 2013

Redefining International Volunteering

We believe that you shouldn’t pay to volunteer and you should engage in work that really makes a difference. We source organizations that gladly provide you free room, board, local tours, cooking lessons, language practice and/or other unique local experiences in exchange for your skills and time. We charge a membership fee  to Experteers so that we can support a team to source custom opportunities, provide personal matching support, offer training, as well as create and share best-practices for skills-based volunteering overseas. Read this for more information about the difference between Experteering and Voluntourism.

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“'Voluntourism' Can't Solve Big Problems...
That's Where 'Experteers' Come In”

"The MovingWorlds matching site, support team, and training gave me the confidence to make a real impact. I spent 2 weeks supporting female entrepreneurs in the Middle East who were working out of Gaza Sky Geeks, a tech accelerator in Palestine. I worked with them to develop marketing plans and learn about best-practices and tools."

-Liz B., Experteered in June, 2013

A Global Community with Amazing Partners

We work with global development organizations and social enterprise communities to find verified opportunities around the world. Beyond live projects on the site, we are connected to over 2,500 social impact organizations around the world to help find projects for here. Here is a collection of just a few of our great partners.

Our Unique Approach to International Volunteering is Working

In addition to helping individuals go Experteering overseas, we support leadership development and corporate responsibility programs with great organizations like


"MovingWorlds connected me to a university in Thailand launching a social innovation lab. In the 6 weeks I was there I got a crash course in social entrepreneurship, and built a development plan, which Thammasat University kicked off a fundraising campaign with."

-Jamie V.H., Experteered in October to November, 2013

How do People Use MovingWorlds?

People go Experteering for lots of reasons. From 1 week to 2 years, master’s students, early-and-mid-career professionals, experienced employees, and retirees are going Experteering to see the world in unique ways, expand their own skills, and make a positive difference. No matter who you are, MovingWorlds wants to help you make the world a better place while traveling around it. Here are just a few ways that people of all ages and backgrounds are using our global matching service to find the experience of a lifetime.

Become a Member to Unlock Your Full Potential

When you join MovingWorlds, you’re doing more than finding the best place to volunteer your skills - you’re connecting to a global network of professionals, organizations, and partners committed to solving the global talent gap. Beyond matches to skills-based volunteering opportunities around the world, we offer training, resources, and global connections.

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