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See the world, live for free, and make an impact while expanding your skills

Use Time Off to Get Inspired and Get Ahead

You can design your sabbatical to build new skills, gain global experience, and help find - and accelerate - your career path. Increasingly, employers are looking to promote and hire people that take initiative and have global experience, and volunteering overseas can accomplish exactly that (we wrote an article on that here). Using our matching platform and global support team you can find a place to volunteer your skills, anywhere you want to travel and for any length of time. Our organizations never charge you to volunteer and all provide immersive local benefits.

MovingWorlds will work with you to:

Ask your Employer

Find the right way to request your sabbatical from your manager and employer - follow this free guide.

Create a Profile

Create a profile of the skills you have, date you want to go, and length of time you have.

Find an Opportunity

We’ll help you find an organization that needs your skills and can help you develop new ones.

Connect with a Host

We’ll connect you directly to an organization that needs you skills and will provide you unique local benefits (like free housing).

Plan Your Trip

Use our supported and guided planning process and training to plan a safe trip and helps you develop new skills.

Go Experteering

Take a sabbatical that makes most sense for your schedule, budget, and skills.

To ensure quality and buy-in, MovingWorlds is a paid membership community. Our Experteering opportunities never charge additional fees and most provide a free place to live and/or living stipend.

“I took a sabbatical while I was working at Intel. Even though I had a really great career path, I was eager for international experience, especially with startups. I got connected to an Endeavor-affiliated organization called Ebanx. I helped it grow 10x in size by supporting its international sales, and I got to build out my global experience in a way I never imagined!"

- Nicole W.

Nicole Experteering in Brazil

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