An International Encore Career

Use your deep experience and expertise to help support inspiring organizations around the world by volunteering overseas.

We work with partners around the world that can benefit from your extensive experience. Whether you’re looking for a long-term “Encore Career” overseas, or a short-term project for a more authentic international experience, we can connect you to a social impact project that will benefit from your skills.

MovingWorlds provides a matching site and international support team to help you find the best place to volunteer your skills - Go Experteering - anywhere you want travel, and for any length of time.

Expertise fills gaps that would otherwise be untouched

Our Programs Guide You

Every step of the way.

We’ve selected organizations that have a need for passionate and skilled individuals. Now all they need is you, to contribute towards meaningful impact.

Our process, content and community will give you the confidence to take the first step. And we’ll provide ongoing support every step of the way.

This is how you’ll move worlds.

Set Your Ambition and Apply

Create a profile and apply to your preferred program by sharing your personal and professional learning goals, as well as your desire to create change.

Get Trained on Best Practices

Receive on-demand training to prepare for an impactful, cross-cultural experience. Join our PLUS program for hands-on learning, plus extra training on human-centered design and social entrepreneurship.

Find the Best Project and Plan Your Trip

Get guidance on how to best apply your skills overseas. Then use our matching site to find a project with verified organizations, anywhere and for any length of time. Our planning process will guide you through a successful journey, and PLUS members can join live workshops.

Get Peer-based Support

Join a community of like-minded changemakers from around the world. PLUS members will have facilitated, live opportunities to connect with other members.

Go Experteering

Use the Experteering Planning Guide you’ve finalized in partnership with your host organization for an immersive, high-impact experience. We’ll give you extra tools and resources to be truly catalytic.

Reintegrate & Reflect

Be guided through a personal debrief process to reflect on your experience. Then join our PLUS Community to share your learnings, and find out how you can use this to get ahead in your career.

Share Your Impact

Contribute your story, share your failures and successes, and inspire others towards purpose.

Stay Connected with Our Global Network

Connect with like-minded professionals to expand your network once you return home.

Accounting & finance in Colombia

Ivo van Hoeve

“Ivo utilized his accounting skills to support a community-focused education program in Colombia”

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Brand strategy in Colombia

Jason Bennett

“Jason left corporate America to use his marketing skills to support the marketing of an ethical supply chain in Colombia.”

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Nonprofit strategy in Tanzania

Sarah Horrigan

“Sarah found her encore career calling in coaching and education social enterprise in Tanzania”

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Join the Experteering Community

Find the best project. Make a real impact. Be transformed in the process.