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Build on your strengths, develop new skills, and make your CV stand out by volunteering on social-impact projects overseas.

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Increasingly, employers are valuing experience over education. Whether you want to improve your leadership skills or transition to an impact career in global development, international experience is vital. You can use MovingWorlds during a gap in school, on vacation, or sabbatical to make an impact and get ahead. Our matching platform and support team will help you find an opportunity where you can volunteer your skills - Go Experteering .

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Create Your Own Immersive Learning Experience Through MovingWorlds By Following These Simple Steps

Create a Profile

Create a profile of the skills you have and those you want to learn.

Find an Opportunity

We’ll help you find an organization that needs your skills and can help you develop new ones.

Connect to a Host

We’ll connect you directly to an organization that needs you skills and will provide you unique local benefits (like free housing).

Plan Your Trip

Use our supported and guided planning process and training to set clear impact and learning goals.

Go Experteering

Go on a trip that makes most sense for your schedule, budget, and skills.

To ensure quality and buy-in, MovingWorlds is a paid membership community. Our Experteering opportunities never charge additional fees and most provide a free place to live and/or living stipend.

"I was considering going back for an MBA or MPA but struggled to choose between. I ended up taking a ½ year to volunteer overseas and used that experience to round out my skills – I truly believe my Experteering experience was instrumental to me earning a job at a leading social impact consulting company, through which I'm now supporting the Gates Foundation.”

- Jamie

Jamie Experteering in South America

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